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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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air freshener so smart, that it detects and overcomes unpleasant odors, to keep your world at its brightest. new odor detect. something in the air wick. a triple traffic threat this morning. >> weather slowing things down on the road. thousands of students are starting a new school year had you had too. now, that labor day weekend is done, summer vacations are in the rearview mirror. >> all of that adds up to what we like to call terrible traffic tuesday. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. let's get you out there to the roads right now. you can see just how wet they are this morning. raining most of the night and will continue throughout the day today. it is tuesday morning, september 6th. we're glad you're waking up with fox 5 morning news.
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>> let's say good morning to tony perkins. it is like fall is saying good morning to effect starting back to school and work. >> it is. it is eerie in a way. here we go back to school being back to work and we've got cooler temperatures and rainfall across the area. so slow down out there and give the kids the rain slickers and the umbrellas. some folk are seeing mainly light to moderate rainfall here and there across the region including it looks like maybe in southeast washington out towards prince george's county. la plata, you are getting it as well. off to the west, there is a flash flood warning in effect for fauquier county, culpeper county, orange county, places like that. up to the north, a couple of spots of heavier rain up near frederick, maryland. so this pick is changing moment by moment. we'll con to update it for you through the morning hours. let's go to the graphics actually flash flood watch is
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in effect for the entire area through tomorrow afternoon. that is because the periods of rain that we expect to see today, tonight being tomorrow and frankly even beyond that will possibly produced intoing here and there. there have been some reports offed intoing on roadway and low-highing areas out to the west. so that flash flood watch in effect until tomorrow afternoon. right now, reagan national reporting 65-degree. relative humidity, 90%. winds remain out of the north and east at 13 miles per hour. here is your forecast for today. lots of clouds around. period of rain. sometime that rain will be heavy. dulles airport is already seeing about 2 inches of rain since 8:00 last night. highs today, only in the upper 60s to about 70 degrees and that is it for your high today. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. let's check with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> all three accidents on the
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top side of beltway have been cleared to the shoulder, the crash at connecticut avenue, the accident before 270 and the accident after 270, all clear. lays with you on the top side of the beltway from before new hampshire avenue to the exit for 270. authority are checking for the crash along 95 at the exit for i-195. no problems reported in northeast along new york and ken ill worth avenue. standing water along third street. inside of the tunnel at d street and you can get by there. the ramp from seventh street to go westbound on the freeway is still blocked off because of standing water. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge, leapts lanes are open. no incidents to report -- lanes are open. no incidents to report. today is being called terrible traffic tuesday. expected to be one of the worst days of the year on the roads. >> the with the weather is not helping matters either. fox 5's karen gray houstondown
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us with more. >> reporter: i do have advice for the people. give yourself plenty of time. labor day is over. summer vacation is gone. kids are going back to school. adults are back from vacation. they are going back to work. and worse yet, the weather, the heavy rains overnight and it is starting to come down again. making numbers a little bit worse, take a look down here. this is a ramp leading to 395 north. a police car was blocking this ramp a little while ago and it has left. there is still a little standing water down there. it has been receding over the past hour or so but it will make the commute complicated for a lot of folk this morning. there are five million people in the greater washington area commuting to three million jobs. 507,000 students heading to class, 5,642 school buses.
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mind boggling. ya say there is one good answer. -- aaa says there is one good answer. >> 74 prosecutor of people drive in cars and 64% of them drive alone. the biggest change in our comowt has not gone to mass transit or to rail but to tell he commuting and teleworking. that is the way out of this problem. that is the one solution we have. >> now, some folks are trying other modes of transportation, other alternatives. according to a recent survey over the past decade, about 24% of people in our region are trying things like carpooling, van pooling being, metrorail, metrobus, bicycling and even walking to work, sarah and steve. >> good luck in this rain. thank you. school bus and student will be out on the roads in northern virginia this morning. it is the first day back to class for many conies and school districts. here is a list of them, fair fact county, prince william county, arlington county and
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alexandria schools along with manassas, manassas park, stafford county and fredericksburg city schools. -- fairfax county. in aruba, a new plea for answers in t a maryland woman. police think the people in this white car may know something about what happened to robyn gardner. the surveillance photo was taken as the car was driving way from where she was last seen. she was visiting with gary giordano. he has not been charged. he is being held in aruba in connection with her disappearance. a fairfax county teacher is accused of soliciting a minor online. police arrested mike allege cook of centreville last week. he is a band teacher at robinson secondary school. police say the alleged victim was not a student at the school or anyone under cook's supervision. the lope star state still battling dozens of dangerous wildfires and governor perry left the campaign trail to deal with the large of the blaze burning about 25 miles east of
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austin. flames have burned through 25,000-acre so far destroying nearly 500 homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. governor perry said wildfires have burned three and a half million acres in texas since december. a path of destruction left behind by the remnants of tropical storm lee. in georgia, the system spawned tornadoes that damaged dozens of homes. the dixie speedway was also hit pretty hard too. another problem is the flooding. six families had to be evacuated from an apartment building due to high water and slick roads caused and 18-car pile-up. up to four more in. s of rain is expected in parts of georgia this morning. the future of the u.s. postal service at stake. >> details of the dire scenario it is expected to lay out in a hearing later today. a new round of flu shots rolling out and there is some good news for people who just can't stand needles. that is coming up. 
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a senate committee will now hear all of the problem plaguing the u.s. postal service. the agency decided to default on a five and a half billion dollar payment due september 30th appear may have to shut down entirely this winter unless congress takes emergency ask to stabilize the finances. the postal service wants the okay from congress to reduce its work force by 220,000 employees in the next four years. also, the postal service wants to eliminate saturday mail delivery. there is a new tool in the battle against the flu. the first flu shot that works with a tiny needle and a less scary pinprick is hitting the market this fall. it is just for adults and is not widely available just yet. distribution will expand next year and there is plenty of the traditional vaccine we are told to go around this season. a tense standoff with a man in australia who claims to have a bomb. he is holed up with his tamed daughter in a family cure
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building near sydney. police are trying to nova scotia with him for several hours. so far, no word on exactly what he wants. but a clerk said the map and his daughter walked into the office reception area and told her to phone the attorney general's office -- the man and his daughter walked into the office reception area and tolder to -- told her to phone the attorney general's office. we'll find out how long the rain will stick around when fox 5 morning news continues.
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we take a look at a soggy washington, d.c. on this tuesday morning. tony perkins, any chance we'll get this rain out of here at some point today. >> not really. according to the national weather service, we have a 100% chance of rain today and indeed it is raining right now in parts of the area, not everywhere. but everyone will get in on the action at some point today.
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that is just the kind of of day it will be. >> i guess 100% means they're pretty certain. >> that's right. let me show you the satellite- radar composite and we'll show you where the rain is this morning. there is plenty of moisture to work with. we have a couple of different systems going on. we have a frontal boundary that has come through here and here is the good news. thattron, if you like cooler air has brought us cool are air. there is the front. you can see it right there. see that area of rainfall and that line there. that is the frontal system that has sagged to our south. it brought in cool are you're and there is rain associated with that. this is tapping into the remnants from tropical storm lee and that is a lot of moisture moving up across the ohio valley into the hudson valley, portions of the great lakes into the northeast. we're tapping into that as well. that is what will keep us wet today, tonight, tomorrow as well.
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some of this moisture could hang in there as we head towards the weekend too. we have to wait and see how that develops. we have the wet condition across the area this morning. flash flood watch is in effect for pretty much the entire region. all the areas you see here in green. that flash flood watch from now through wednesday afternoon because there will somebody periods of heavy rain here and there. that could lead to some flood and i should mention that this morning, there is a flash flood warning in effect for fauquier county, culpeper county, orange county, out to the west where they have already observed somed intoing there. it is cooler, 66 degrees here in wash. baltimore is at 64. dulles airport, 62. fredericksburg, 63. ocean city is at 72-degree. the colden from has yet to get through there we'll see them drop off as far as the temperatures go. this is hurricane katia which overnight was a category four
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hurricane. it has now been downgraded to a category three. maximum sustained winds blowing at 125 miles per hour. it is now located about 400 miles south of bermuda. it will impact the east coast of the united states with those strong riptides, rip currented and wave action but the current projections have it continuing to move to the north. it is moving northwest at 10 miles per hour right now. but it is expected to move out to sea, further out to sea and not really hit the mainland. we'll keep an eye on that, of course. forecast for today, told you about the flash flood watch. cloudy skies. periods of rain, some of that rain heavy y at time. highs today only in the upper 60s to about 70 degrees, believe it or not. for tonight, overnight lows, cool again in the 60s. 65 downtown. still, showers con and then your five-day forecast, tomorrow, we have more rain in the forecast for your wednesday. thursday, periods of rain, 79 degrees. a few shower on friday. a few showers on saturday. we may be able to upgrade that forecast depending on what
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happens with lee or the recommend nap of lee. now, less a get to julie wright and find out what is going on the area roadways. >> back to work and very busy for a tuesday drive. that is why they call it terrible tuesday. the crew in sky fox with us checking out the drive on the beltway and again, three separate accidents have cleared between connecticut avenue and 270 leaving behind a string of brake lights. we have those delays as you travel from 59 college park headed west. it remain bumper to bumper slow over to connecticut avenue. southbound 270, crash reported route 80 in you are ban a. southbound out of germantown. heavy, slow and steady trying to get past m very much a. you will find slow traffic coming across the american legion bridge. -- heavy, slow and teddy trying to get past mva. man lines slowing from the
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prince william parkway up to 395. karen gray houston has been reporting this all morning long, standing water closing the ramp on seventh street at 395. that ramp remains closed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. with the president set to unveil his jobs bill in a speech to congress later this week, labor day took on an increased significance on the political front. president obama gave a crowd of union workers in detroit a glimpse of his jobs plan. >> on thursday, we're going to lay out a new way forward on jobs to grow the economy and put more americans back to work right now. >> the pre's trip to firefighter was bill as an official visit and not a campaign event. meanwhile, gop frontrunner texas governor rick perry spoke about unemployment in new hampshire and in a speech to a tea party in new hampshire, sarah palin sounded a lot like a candidate even though she has
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not announced her plans. >> one in six work eligible americans cannot find a job. mr.president, that is not a recovery. that is an economic disaster. >> now, you have seen the proof yourself in president obama. see, candidate obama didn't have a record while in office. but president obama certainly does and that is why we're here today. >> the entire republican field will debate wednesday at the ronald reagan library and museum in california. the business beat coming up next for you. we'll tell you why a visit from santa claus may be just what the economy needs right now. as we go to break, harbor the dog is making news for his record-setting ears. we are talking about the
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couldn't hound. he set the record for the longest ears on a dog. his heave ear 12 1/4 un. s long. we'll show it to you later on. -- 12 1/4 inches long. stn am
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society a visit from santa may help things look a little better for the economy. we'll have more on that in a minute. let's take a look at the market. lauren simonetti with fox business network live in new york with this morning's business beat. >> good morning. >> it was a rough ride in the markets in august and september traditionally is the worst month. so are we -- how are we looking so far? >> we're to have a terrible note for the start of september. the major averages each gave up at least 2% last week after the u.s. showed no job creation in the month of august and june and july were revised lower by
6:26 am
58,000 jobs. world stocks responded to that on monday when we were closed for labor day and we're back to work on tuesday and we're looking at a pretty awful decline at the open. >> let's look forward to christmas then which i cannot believe we're talking about already. >> i know. >> but the question is will the holidays be good to the economy this year? >> we certainly need it. >> the chief economist for the international council of shopping haven't contribute are saws that real estate till sales for november and december combined will rise by 3.5%. pept-up demand, people will spend pot holiday. last year, the best holiday since 2006. retail sales over that same time period up 4.4% so not doing too bad. expected for this area. >> merry early christmas. >> no more retailer toies, i
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promise. >> we'll check in with you tomorrow. thank you. get ready for what could be a rough commute. we'll tell you why today is dubbed terrible traffic tuesday appear speaking of the wet weather. you can thank what is left of tropical storm lee as well. a look at what it left behind down south when we return. there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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a new air freshener so smart, that it detects and overcomes unpleasant odors, to keep your world at its brightest. new odor detect. something in the air wick.
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still talking about hurricane irene. le behind a big price tag. the white house estimating the storm will cost the federal government about 1.5 billion in disaster relief on top of over $5 billion needed for other reeseen dit after thers including the tornadoes that leveled much of joplin, missouri. remnants of tropical storm lee continue tooling ore --
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continue to linger on this morning. the dickey speedway was hit pretty hard. in mississippi, a man drowned while trying to cross a swollen creek. just one of several cases of people being swept away. tony is with us now with a look at today's forecast which look like we're getting a few of the remnants that they had down there over the weekend. >> some of that is moving across pouring of our viewing area particularly off to the west. we'll be dealing with that through the course of the next couple of days. i think others will get pore rain from it than we will but still, it will influence our weather pattern too. let's start with vipir, show you what is going on out there as we do won to monitor the rain showers moving across the area. we've seen some area of heavy rain and this takes you back to last night and through these early-morning hours as we had heavy rain really beginning around 7:00, 8:00 depending on where you were last night and during the overnight hour as well. as you can see, there is quite a bit of precipitation all across virginia into southern maryland and pushing up into pennsylvania and the like. many of the -- much of the rain
6:32 am
that you see off to the north and west, that is associated with the remnants of lee coming through portions of the mid- atlantic and pushing into new england as well and we're getting some of that too. here are the current temperatures at the area airports. reagan national up to 66 degrees. dulles, 62. forecast for today, cloudy, flash flood watch in effect for the region. rain including areas of heavy rain during the day and high temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 60s and 70s. have not said that identify long time. 68 for your high in gaithersburg. 07 in washington. 72 in fredericksburg. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. great question from a 6-year- old girl wanting to know a few things about lightning. spskally, she has heard like all of us have if you wear rubber soled shoes, you are
6:33 am
protected from lightning. is that true? we'll answer that question for you appear more facts about lightning coming up. >> that is just about 15 minutes from now. let's check in with julie with a look at traffic. is it term terrible out there? >> yes, it is. and more pornly from a nonsix- year-old girl, who is the one that tested out the theories of the rubber soles? >> please submit that in the form of a question to ask the weather guy. >> that tucker barnes, i tell you. good morning to the crew in sky fox on this terrible tuesday. bumper-to-bumper traffic as you wrap your way around the capital beltway. not y right now out of college park. big delays leaving before route one headed over towards 59 and around towards georgia avenue. then the pace improves. we had a crash and that is in the process of being cleared. 59 will slow as you travel out of beltsville down to the beltway. in germantown, southbound along 270, heavy, slow and teddy coming in out of germantown
6:34 am
making your way south of 124. more slow traffic headed down towards the beltway. no incidents to report at the legion bridge. traveling northbound i-95, the crash that was in lorton in the hov lanes was tying up the left lanes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the advice for commuters today, head out the door early. you heard what julie was talking about. >> summer vacation is over now. karen gray houston is out in the weather in southwest with more. >> reporter: good morning. the stark reality is summer vacation is over. the kids going back to school. there are about 300,000 residents of the district who actually commute to work and this is going to probably be a problem for them. this is the ramp to 395 north from seventh street in southwest d.c. the ramp has been closed all morning long. blame the problem on that standing water at the bottom of the ramp. it is starting to reveed now
6:35 am
but it was pretty bad a little bit earlier. -- it is starting to recede now. aaa mid-atlantic says the mean travel time to work for d.c. area commuters is about 30 minutes. contributing to the daily gridlock, the fact that the vast majority of commuters here, 77% drive to work. the sent us bureau says they mostly drive alone. i-59 and the beltway are some of the worst areas for the congestion and i-5 says the base realignment is also coming into play. >> at bethesda, you will have an additional 2500 workers. you know, you have almost 3,000 people that cross the street from that metro stop every day. that number is going to jump to 7,000. so it will be incredibly busy and not only in bethesda but also at the mark center with 6500 new workers out there. and then down at fort belvoir,
6:36 am
that is going to be a springboard for 19,000 new jobs in our area. >> reporter: back out here live, we are at the ramp to north 359 from seventh street in southwest. that d-d.o.t. truck just drove up a few minute ago. hopefully, they will help get to the standing water problem down there and maybe be able to open this ramp up for commuter who are coming for the rest of the morning. back to you. >> thank you. certainly quite ate mess out there in some areas. meanwhile, school buses and students will also be back out on the roads in northern virginia this morning so keep an eye out for that. it is the first day back to class for fairfax county, prince william county, arlington county and alexandria schools along with manassas, manassas park, stafford county and fredericksburg city schools. firefighters in texas are battling dozens of wildfires. governor rick perry left the campaign trail to deal with the
6:37 am
largest blaze burning about 25 miles east of austin. flames have burned 25,000 acres and have destroyed nearly 500 homes. it has also forced thousands to evacuate their homes. governor perry says he will ask for pedestrian -- for federal disaster relief. in arube a investigator are trying to track down more witnesses in the disappearance of a maryland woman. they want to question people in this car. are police believe testimony from those people may lead to charges against gary giordano. gardner vanished while visiting aruba with giordano. a fairfax county teacher accused of soliciting a minor online. police arrested michael cook of centreville last week. he is a band teacher at robinson school. the victim was not a student at
6:38 am
the school or nip under cook's supervision. we'll be right back. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly.
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but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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the united nations says the famine in somalia is getting worseen a devastating drought has the african nation in dire need of food and water. more than 750,000 people could die in the next four months and the crisis is now spreading to the northern part of the country as well. u.n. humanitarian coordinate foyer for somalia says million will die of starvation if more is not done to help. here at home, the national cathedral strikes an imposing scene on the d.c. sky line and now something towers over. it a huge yellow crane being used for repairs after the earthquake. matt ackland has an update for us. >> reporter: when it comes to repairing a national treasure,
6:42 am
even a holiday doesn't stand in the way. >> it is labor day for us for relate but we have he got to do it. >> reporter: it took six tractor-trailer truck to bring in the huge crane. as soon as it was in place, work began. joe alonzo, headstone myspace mason for the national cathedral, says the first order of business was removing heavy pieces of the cathedral that came crashing down during the quake. >> this is what we got down this morning. this is the very topmost part of the finial and there is the bottom. >> the next step is to erect scaffolding around the central tower. the team in charges experience when it comes to american treasures. it built the scaffolding around the washington monument and the statue of liberty before they were restored. >> they're going to build -- surround each pinnacle, envelop each pinnacle in scaffolding. that will enable us masons to get up there, the masons and
6:43 am
engineers to get up there and assess the stone work, stabilize it and eventually begin to remove all the damages portions and rebuild it. >> we're not going to put them back up there. >> reporter: work is taking place on the ground level a memorial seven toys honor the victims of 9-11 will still take place at the cathedral and that is why secured entrances are being built to protect guests, including the president. >> these overhead protection tunnels are on walkway are being built at the main west entrance. ly within one at the north side and one on the south side. >> if the weather hold out, it will only take day few weeks to get the scaffolding around the central tower but from that point, the work will take a while to repair everything. the scaffolding could be up for well over a year. if the we are hold out, they can do some stuff but it will rain all week. we'll see what they can get done. >> there are certainly going to
6:44 am
be periods of rain during the course of this week. i don't know what they'll get done this week but certainly beyond that, they may be able to do that. let's jump right in. we'll show you hd radar as we continue to monitor showers moving across the region. there is a live shot right now of what is happening outside. you can see we've got cloudy skies across the region. this picture from northwest washington shooting down toward the cathedral not hooking that bad. but you take a look at h dsm radar and you will see that we do indeed have some rain showers across the region. -- but you take a look at hd radar. >> the rain to our south and a couple of spots of heavy rain down near la plata. most of the activity right now off to the south. they areas where you see the light green, those are counties that are around a flash flood warning until 9:45 this morning because they've had some heavier rain during the overnight hours. basically speaking, as we go to our graphics, really mostly a
6:45 am
wet week. there will be more rain throughout the course of the week. we hope it wraps up as we get into the weekend. right now, that is iffy. take a look at september nell radar and we can show you not only do we have the cloud coverage. you look at the satellite eman as well. there is your rain. this southern portion of the rainfall is associated with a cold front but, as you can see, it is also drawing in some of the moisture that is associated with the remnants of tropical storm lee. it is a wet day across the mid- atlantic, the northeast, the ohio valley, up into the eastern great lake as well. forecast for today look like this. there is a flash flood watch in effect until tomorrow afternoon. skies will be cloudy all day. period of rolando paulino. sometimes that rain will be heavy. highs only in the upper 60s to around 07 degrees. for ton, cloudy skies, showers continue. overnight low about 65 degrees. take a look at the five-day forecast. a couple of interesting things about the five-day forecast. first of all, we have a chance of rain every day for the next
6:46 am
five days. we are hope we can tweak that for some improvement as we head into the weekend. the other thing, hook at your high temperatures, only in the 70s until we get to saturday. that is extraordinary. i don't know when the last time we've seep that. probably april, something like that. and we'll have cool are air with us for the next few days -- cooler air with us for the next few days. >> we can enjoy that. >> now, it is time for ask the weather guys. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from sally. she is six years old and she writes, i've heard that republican rubber soled shoes protect you from lightning. is that true? now, my mom says to tell you that i won't go out in the lightning even if it is true. i'm just curious. >> her mom said you will not go outside no matter what tony
6:47 am
perkins says. >> you know what? you shouldn't be outside. if there is lightning, if you are outside, you are simply not safe. the odds of lightning hitting you are rather remote but there is no safe police to be in -- place to be in you are outside when heightening is about. as far as the rubber-soled shoes go, here is the thick. rub are is a good insulator against electricity. so if lightning strikes somewhere and you are outside, you are wearing rubber-soled shoes, they may afford you some minimal protection. but in the lightning strike is near you, you will feel. you may be knocked off your feet because heightening is so powerful, correct? >> you got it. it meets up to about 50,000 degrees and no rubber shoe is going to save you from that as it moves on around. so the bottom line is they don't provide enough insulation to protect you. >> they do not. particularly in the heightening
6:48 am
is near you and if you are struck directly by lightning, the shoes aren't going to matter at all. the shoes will probably be blown off your feet. now, what are your chances of being struck by lightning? well, that depends on where you live. you no he where we get the most lightning in the united states? >> i do. >> you do? >> out west. >> florida. >> that's right. >> or down south. >> i have an inside track on that. you was all excited though. >> so it depends on where you live. is the area prone to thunderstorms. it depends on what your lifestyle is like. are you an outdoors man? do you fish? do you camp? you are more likely to be struck by lightning than someone who stays indoors all time. generally speaking, the odds of being struck by light nick any given year here in the united states are -- you hear one in a
6:49 am
million. one in 750,000. odds of being struck by lightning during your lifetime. , if you live 80 years, one in 6250. >> really? >> why why do we not hear of more people being struck by plight lightning. >> why is it so much more difficult to win the lottery than being struck by lightning. >> we are not speaking to the lottery issue here. lying flat on the ground. >> does that help? >> no. that is what you heard for years. you hear about the lightning crouch. you want to make yourself as small as you can. you want to be like in a ball. because if you lie out on the ground and the lightning shirts somewhere near you. there is that much more of your body that could be impacted bit lightning. you want to get down in a ball if you can't seek shelter somewhere else.
6:50 am
>> here is something very interesting. en can you be struck by lightning indoors? yeah, as a matter of fact, people get struck by lightning indoors all the time. you want to stay way from the windows. it typically goes to the plumbing or electric wiring. >> that is why they say get out of the shower. >> four to five percent of everything hit by heightening are talking on land line phones. >> sally asked about the rubber shoes. what about the rubber tires. we've heard in you are in your car, the tires will proct you. >> it does provide a greater degree of protection because you are not actually touching the ground. you are off the ground sitting in your elevated vehicle but still you could still feel. it. all bets are off if the lightning hits you or your vehicle directly. if you can, get yourself away from tall object and get
6:51 am
yourself down into a ball. sally, thank you for the question. if you want a question answered -- this is eddy floyd. this is an oldy. >> going back. >> knock on wood. >> click on the weather tab on you can upload your video question. if you send one in, we'll play it on air. >> good morning, julie. >> i just said i was expecting the other version. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. here we go around the capital beltway. bumper-to-bumper traffic for this terrible tuesday as expected. i-59 college park headed around towards groirnl avenue. southbound 59 feeling the heat if you will -- towards georgia avenue. southbound 95 feeling the heat
6:52 am
if you will. no accidents to report, just volume delays. all morning long, we've been talking about the ramp at seventh street. there has been a change. we do have the ramp reopened. so coming from seventh street to head northbound on 395, you will find the ramp has been reopened. we dope see anything coming off -- we don't see anybody coming from that ramp just yet. the ramp is now reopened. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. they were headed over in the direction of the american legion bridge. now, they are checking on what was reported to be an accident near the gw parkway. traveling between the beltway and 123 and the cia, you will find the lanes are open. accident was respected on the george washington parkway at the capital beltway. it is bargain time now.
6:53 am
let's take a look at today's my fox half off deal. $39 will get you four tickets plus parking to the comedy zone d.c. the deal worth more than $100 so there is your savings. the maryland terps opened the season against the miami hurricanes last night. new head coach randy edsall leading the terps. >> they did it in their new uniforms that everyone is talking b take a good look at it. this is the new fashion statement they are making. as for the new coach and the play on the field, maryland scored two crucial touch downs on defense. the first one gave them a six- point lead at the half. the terps ran ininterception back for a score. terps won 32-24. what did you think about the uniforms. randy edsall said it is all
6:54 am
about maryland pride. >> anthony bailey said these uniforms almost look like a really bad april fool's joke. a lot of people weighing in on that. the redskin quarterback controversy over for now as rex grossman was named the starter for the opener against the giants on sunday. both he and john beck plod well during the pre-season. the numbers were pretty similar but it is grossman who will get the start. coming up, a new arts facility is milk talent. >> what was once a bunch of dairy barns out in we are have iville, virginia now entering a new stage of life. holly is out there. we'll check in with her next. 
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morrison on this very tuesday morning. do i have something to brighten your day. tyler, first and foremost,
6:58 am
listen to him. isn't he awesome? we're live in barryville. you may not believe it, but i'm actually inside of what used to be a dairy barn. they had two dairy barns donated in 1964 as part of an estate to the town of barryville. what they decided to do is renovating them and turn them into a community arts center. and it is a place to be entertained and to celebrate. and all of that is going on, as they are kicking off all that they want to offer to the area this week. and we are going to check it all out and tell you how you can come out and enjoy it yourself. sara? >> holly, thank you. very cool place. we will check in with you in a little bit. time to say good morning to the facebook fan of the day. michael gibson, he says he is excited because he got a chance to see julie wright yesterday at the gaithersburg labor day parade. i'm sure she will be happy to hear about that michael. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find ut on facebook fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and
6:59 am
the number 5. >> and that does it for the 6:00 hour. let's send it over to allison joining steve. >> good morning. thank you very much. >> we're glad you're with us this morning. just five days out now from the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> today we are getting our first look at ha is believed to be the earliest footage of the crash in shanksville, pennsylvania. we will show that you video ahead this hour. a small plane sparked a big wildfire in california and texas has more than 500 homes destroyed. and thousands of people evacuated because of fires there. and it is back to class everybody. all of the students in our area are headed back. congress is back in session as well. and it is raining out there. this could be a particularly bad terrible traffic tuesday. aaa joins us with more on the ttt, and what drivers should expect as fox 5 morning news begins right now. >> it is straight up 7:00 as we look


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